Photo Archiving


Film (24) Color or B&W into CD or DVD 5.00

Film (36) Color or B&W into CD or DVD 7.50

25 Prints in to CD or DVD with no retouching 15.00


Photo Restoration


Your order will include a CD or DVD of the final restored image. Your original print will be returned to you intact.



Scan fee is 10.00 (Ask about scan fee being (waived)


Minor Restoration

One to three small scratches, tone/color correction, a torn edge, etc.

Only $25.00 per photo.


Moderate Restoration

Small tears and/or stains, fading colors, torn edges, etc.

Only $35.00 per photo.


Heavy Restoration

Large or multiple tears, heavy stains, significant fading, cracking and missing areas.

Only $45.00 per photo.


Restoration and Colorization

Minor to heavy restoration and colorization.

Only $65.00 per photo.


Image Compositing

Combine two favorite photographs into one new photo, along with minor restoration.

Only $45.00 per photo.



Examples include: bags & dark circles under eyes, stray hairs, "red-eye," blemishes, etc.

Only $25.00 per photo.


Colorization Only

Digital "hand-tinting" or full-blown colorization.

Only $35.00 per photo.



Converting Color into W&W

Only $5.00 per photo



Specity work

Making only part of an B&W image in color, Add text to an image, etc.

Only $15.00 per photo


Unsticking or Clean up

Unsticking to or more photos from each other or from glass, removing soil of the image. Etc

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